Lettr630 - LED Facial Massager for glowing skin✨ Lettr630 - LED Facial Massager for glowing skin✨

Lettr630 - LED Facial Massager for glowing skin✨


For your glowing skin


For a luxurious, deeply penetrating skin treatment that truly gives you results, look no further than our K-Beauty Facial Massager! 

We know that you invest a lot of time and money looking for the perfect skincare products and the optimal daily beauty routine. So once you’ve found it, we want to be there to help you maximize the results you were hoping for - even faster than you imagined! 


With Lettr630, you can enhance the penetration of skin-care products and boost collagen - which helps to amplify the results and speed up the process.


The Results By giving yourself a 10-minute booster every day, you can:

→ Smooth out wrinkles +37.22%
→ Tone skin and reduces pore size +3.29%
→ Increase collagen production +24.25%
→ Firm skin +9.71%
→ Smooth out skin texture (immediately after use) +44.66%
(Clinical trial conducted by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences for 2 weeks, among 20 women age 30-50.)



The Tech

We use NASA-certified light therapy technology, road tested and clinically proven to heal scars and provoke collagen production - which is why the numerics are so important.

The 630 nm wavelength emission and 9,000 rpm vibration speed is strictly controlled amongst all Lettr630 gadgets. This is to guarantee optimal results and total safety for every single experience and to make sure that we can keep the promise we’ve made :)



The Routine

→ At the end of the day, leave aside 10 minutes for yourself. Invest the time to treat yourself to a mini spa treatment. Pamper yourself with an at-home facial.

→ Melt your stress away. Forget about your worries.

→ We’ll take care of your skin while you take some time off your busy schedule.



Editor’s Note by C.D.P.

Recently, the Korean beauty industry has been all about LED treatment masks. Among them, Lettr630 stands out as the more affordable and portable electronic beauty tool, while providing all the perks and benefits.

Nowadays, the red light LED therapy can easily be spotted at the dermatologist’s and at spas. As it penetrates deeply into the dermis layer of the skin, it boosts collagen and elastin, the two most essential elements of healthy skin. The micro-vibration collaborates with the light therapy to help the key ingredients in your skincare products penetrate more deeply into your skin, maximizing the effects of your daily routine.

Something that really sets this product aside from its competitors is that it is quite simple- both in design and in use. The simplicity, sometimes, is what allows you to use something for longer without getting tired of it.