3ACT Vitamin C Serum - Say goodbye to dark spots 👋 3ACT Vitamin C Serum - Say goodbye to dark spots 👋

3ACT Vitamin C Serum - Say goodbye to dark spots 👋


A Vitamin C Serum to fade dark spots from sun exposure and acne. Wait, anti-aging, too!

Sunspots and post-acne marks are two things we all want to get rid of. Sunscreen is one way to protect them, but not the afterward cure. It should be treated with one of our best Vitamin C serum!

"After 18 years of research, 3ACT’s skincare experts have developed a powerful, effective facial serum that targets and corrects skins problems - working to reverse the effects of aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten and even the skin tone, and provide moisture and firmness to the skin!"


Gentle yet effective.

Our formula is gentle yet effective, with premium ingredients such as Vitamin C, Melatonin (for lightening and brightening the skin), hyaluronic acid, and natural herbal essences that feed the skin and smell wonderful!


But Melatonin is contained?

VC Melatonin is a patented third-generation vitamin, intricately constructed by putting together Melatonin with pure Vitamin C. Many are familiar with the term ‘Melatonin’ as the substance that regulates hormones to help you sleep, but it can work to lighten the appearance of dark spots that appear from age, scarring, and sun damage when combined with vitamin C.


Yes, Melatonin with pure Vitamin C is contained!


As fresh as possible.

We only use the purest substances, at the level that can be consumed. With a double layer of coating, the substance is preserved at its best quality even in room temperature. The coating also helps absorption by helping to deliver active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.


Hyaluronic Acid, 
Moisture, moisture, moisture.

We all know that hyaluronic acid delivers moisture. 3ACT didn't want to miss glowing

One last thing,
Keep vitamin C FRESH.

What many are unaware of is that preservation is key to serums with vitamin C as their key ingredient. To preserve the vitamin fresh and stable, our lab worked for 2 years to develop an exclusive, proprietary chamber for the substance to be stored without losing its potency. Now our most important ingredient is delivered to you, fresh and powerful.

Even did a clinical trial.

  • Subjects: 21 female participants, age ranging from 35 to 59
  • Duration: 28 days (May 10th, 2016 - June 7th 2016)
  • Organization: P&K Skin Research Center

 The VC Melatonin has a more powerful formula, lightening up dull skin dramatically compared to 1st generation vitamins. The following clinical test results show how effective it is in reducing melanin content in the skin along with increasing translucency and smoothness.



Let’s not forget the hydration it brings alongside the brightening and anti-aging effects. Clinical tests display a 10 to 15% increase in skin hydration, both on the surface and beneath the epidermis.


Another benefit of the substance is its anti-aging effects, helping to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and sun spots. Through 2 weeks of clinical testing, reduction of crow’s feet, laugh lines, and frown lines by 4.62%, 10%, and 14.47% respectively.



How to use

Just push the pump all the way down when using the serum for the first time - this opens the chamber and mixes the vitamin C with the rest of the ingredients - a ctivating the formula.

*** Please note: This formula contains Arbutin / Adenosine to which some customers may be allergic/sensitive. Please be sure to perform a small patch test before starting daily use.