How to wash your face properly How to wash your face properly

How to wash your face properly

How to wash your face properly How to wash your face properly

The importance of washing once face daily cannot be underrated. Have you ever ask yourself what the proper way to wash your face correctly is? DO you know that there is a specific way you should wash your face and washing it correctly will ensure you’re getting the most out of your products and also ensure that you get clean and radiant skin? Believe it; your skin will thank you! Read on:


Wash Twice a Day

Well, we can't recommend how often you wash your face, but it is advisable not to overwash your face as this can lead to a lack of moisture and irritation. The simple rule is to use common sense, and it also depends on your daily activities. Always wash your face if you’ve excessively oily skin morning and night and after a workout to prevent breakouts. People with sensitive or dehydrated skin should cleanse once daily in the evening.


Buy Cleanser According to Skin Type

When shopping for a cleanser, make sure you look out for the ingredients and avoid the ones that contain fragrance which can be irritating. According to Dr. Brad Katchen who is a NYC dermatologist says "if a cleanser fits that bill, the formula itself [cream, lotion, foaming, etc.] is more a matter of personal preference," and "if you have oily skin, you might want a foaming wash that leaves skin feeling super clean,". Cleansers that also contain alcohol can be abrasive to skin according to the American Academy of Dermatology.


Use warm to cool water

Stick to lukewarm or cool water and also master the act of splashing your face with cold water, as this constricts blood vessels. According to Tung he advised that "a lot of patients want to use hot water. They feel like they're almost giving themselves a little steam treatment, but it can be very irritating to skin". 


Rubbing your face dry

Rubbing your face can feel good, but don’t do it. Rubbing tups and pull up your skin, which puts your elastin at risk. If you do, don’t just grab any towel you see, both used or not – avoid bacteria spread.  Instead designate a clean, soft towel to blot your fresh face. Pat skin dry with a soft, clean towel. Please don't rub or scrub your skin with a towel because that could cause damage.

In addition to knowing how to wash your face properly, it is important to be consistent with your skin care regimen to get the results you want.